can component video handle 1080p

Can Component Video Handle 1080p >

When I click input button it does not give me choice of TV in external outputs menuI used component for my HDTV watching, since tv doesn't broadcast in 1080p anywayD-Terminal: Used mostly on Japanese electronicsBut it cost me less than $20 to upgrade, so even if it's a minor improvement, it's worth it Caleb405, Oct 14, 2009 Tsunekazu Prime Member Joined: Aug 1, 2000 Messages: 3,110 Date Posted: Oct 15, 2009 #27 Save your HDMI slot for something that actually takes full advantage of itIt's the job of the salesman to give honest and accurate product info and let the customer decide if it fits their needsThat's the single biggest advantage about HDMIThe maximum permissible output resolution is 1080i60Video In Video Out (VIVO): 9-pin Mini-DIN-connectors called "TV Out" in computer video cards, which usually include an adaptor for component RCA, composite RCA and 4-pin S-Video-Mini-DINNo need to buy a new 360 or HDMI converter for it

One should do just fineI have a reference-calibrated HDTV, a 65" DLP to be exact, and I had my Elite 360 in the shop for a couple weeks, and was forced to borrow a friends, which was a non-HDMI model- hz is the refresh rate the cable run at, also known as frames per second (fps)My HDTV does component 1080pDigital sound is better than analogUnder 46" or so it's not very noticeable but there is a difference.Click to expandOne day tv screen is blue and message sez no signalPlease don't be gullible and please do remember the saying, "Fool me once, shame on youOne should do just fine

While HDMI is clearer, has better color, and is sharper, Component can still often look betterPicture wise, HDMI is better but not by muchJump to CookTrain, Oct 14, 2009 kyo27 Noob Joined: Aug 15, 2000 Messages: 2,999 Date Posted: Oct 14, 2009 #5 HDMI will make the picture look a little bit sharper compared to componentThe HDMI out will go into the New Receiver you need to buy to get Lossless audio then a second HDMI wire from the Receiver to the monitorJust like monster cables, HDMI does NOT mean a better pictureIf you use BNC connectors then no problem

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I haven't even tested component on my plasmaTrending Now Alan Jackson Alix Tichelman Corllins University Barack Obama Barry Manilow Project Management Wendy Walsh Free Tax Filing Jenny Slate Mississippi River Cruises If the cables are well made there is no need to test every oneHowever, HDMI does handle audio also, so makes cable management is that much easyer, so if you have the option do go HDMI if just for that reason.Click to expandNext month I think? "I believe in censorshipThis process can degrade the overall quality of the picture to that of digital-analog-digital, in some cases make it worse c81eca7253
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